This is the most advanced novated lease calculator in Australia!  Not only can you manually configure 12 different variables but you can also compare it to other forms of funding such as a regular car loan/lease, a mortgage redraw, using cash savings in the bank and even free money!

Just choose your parameters and click ‘Send Me Quote’ to have the results calculated, tabulated and sent to your email for later review.

Please note that this novated lease calculator relies on many assumptions and the results should be used as a general guide only.  Please contact us to have the calculation personalised to your financial circumstance, naturally at no cost nor obligation.  Additionally, the interest rate used for the calculation will vary depending on your credit history, asset backing and annual income.

It’s also possible your employer has excecuted an exclusive agreement with a particular novated lease company (unfortunately, no competition for your business can often result in inferior service and pricing) .  If this is the case, even though we may well find an option that is much more attractive for you, it may be difficult to deliver.  We have a full list of major companies who engage exclusive providers so get in touch to find out whether you do have an option or not.