Novated Lease Facts

Is powered by FINCAR, Australia’s #1 boutique vehicle finance company, established in 2004

Who is FINCAR?

FINCAR is a boutique fleet management company specialising in novated leasing. With an extensive panel of top tier lenders and a national network of over 1200 new car dealerships we negotiate the best rates and discounts to leverage you the very best overall package. Based in Sydney FINCAR was established in 2004 and trades using ABN 67 107 751 931 and Australian Credit Licence 387894.  We’re always available for an informal chat on 1300 346 227

What we do?

With a focus on your needs and circumstances we help you understand your options, provide you with all you need to compare and enable you to make educated and informed decisions. Our objective is to help you save both time and money.

Our team provides expert specialist assistance in the fields of tax, finance, vehicle procurement and insurance. Our state-of-the-art calculators enable you to work out lease repayments, compare to traditional forms of finance and even work out the net effective cost of fuel per litre.

Compare the market to find you the best novated lease

We first started as a finance brokerage house and we have continued to maintain that model. Because we’re not tied to any one lender we can negotiate the very best lease rates. We also source brand new cars from a national dealer network at fleet discount pricing so you are sure to get the very best deal and overall package.

We offer a full end-to-end novated lease solution

Whilst we source the funding, and the car we also provide trade values. We set up the lease with your employer, do all the back end administration including your finance application, payroll deduction advice, settlements and more. We monitor your lease ongoing to ensure it’s all on track and optimised for your tax savings.

How does novated leasing actually work?

Spend 4 minutes watching our novated lease video and get an understanding on how it works. This clip tells you what a novated lease is and how it saves you money in simple terms and plain English.


Our Philosophy

To provide what is required to help you compare your options and enable you to make informed decisions. Provide good old fashioned service to save you both time and money.  

What they say about us!

  • Thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend your service to any of my family and friends.

  • It is really nice to deal with someone who knows what they are talking about, can explain it to someone who doesn't and has a good sense of humour. Most people I have dealt with when I comes to finance have the personality of a retarded sloth

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